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Bimby TM6 Vorwerk food processor (refurbished)
Bimby TM6 Vorwerk food processor (refurbished)
Bimby TM6 Vorwerk food processor (refurbished)

Bimby TM6 Vorwerk food processor (refurbished)


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The Bimby TM6 is an intelligent robot with which it is possible to cook from appetizers to sauces and from creams to desserts. Thanks to the accessories, the mixing bowl, the knife unit, the varoma, the basket and the butterfly, the appliance performs many functions. Once the ingredients have been inserted inside, the most suitable utensils are chosen and the Thermomix is ​​programmed for cooking. The appliance will stop on its own when it is finished.

The Bymby functions are:

Chopping: The food processor can chop everything from vegetables to meat and even ice.
Kneading: to prepare focaccias, biscuits and more, the Bimby kneads the pizza, bread, desserts and shortcrust pastry for you, obtaining a well-blended dough.
Cooking: the Bimby cooks all types of dishes, such as risotto, meat and pasta, more quickly than cooking in a traditional pot.
Whipping: it is the perfect function for preparing fresh whipped cream and stiff eggs without any effort.
Pulverize: with the Thermomix it is possible to create legume, bread and chocolate powder. This function also grinds coffee beans.
Steam cooking: Steam cooking allows you to prepare low-calorie foods, such as vegetables and fish.
Blending: the robot blends fruit and vegetables for excellent smoothies, especially suitable in the summer season.
Grating: the latter is the function that allows you to grate any food, such as vegetables and parmesan.

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