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26CC 2-stroke petrol hedgetrimmer
26CC 2-stroke petrol hedgetrimmer
26CC 2-stroke petrol hedgetrimmer

26CC 2-stroke petrol hedgetrimmer


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Working with the wrong tools causes excessive strain on your arms and shoulders, without leaving you with perfectly pruned trees and hedges. So forget the useless tools you are currently using and buy our precision cutting hedge trimmer.

The precision hedge trimmer we supply has been designed to give your hedges a much quicker and cleaner cut. Other tools tend to tear the foliage rather than cut it, while our hedge trimmer, equipped with very sharp alloy blades, cuts the leaves perfectly, enabling the operator to cut only the desired parts and shape the hedges to his own taste and liking.

And don't forget that hedges always grow!!!! If you like to have your garden properly maintained, this represents a lifelong commitment - Our hedge trimmer is therefore not only ergonomic, efficient, robust and long-lasting, but represents a reliable work companion for maintenance and the maintenance of your garden

Our precision hedge trimmer is the most sought after on the market by both professionals and hobbyists, both for its extraordinary price and unparalleled quality

Product Features:
Powerful, high quality with 26CC engine
Easy access to the engine, filters and spark plug
Durable and precise cutting blade: Provides a better finish, offers a clean cut - Helps eliminate mold and plant infections
Comfortable, with low vibrations and ergonomic handle
Air injection carburetor
Easy disassembly for cleaning
Precision blade 50cm (22") long
Easy to handle for both simple and demanding jobs.
included in the Kit: Blade protection, fuel mixer (petrol and oil) and maintenance kit
500ml fuel tank
Quality Construction - Durable and reliable performance



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